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The Massachusetts Association of Technical Rescue Specialists (MATRS) is a non-profit entity dedicated to advancing technical rescue operations across the Commonwealth. With a commitment to professionalism, life safety, and community service, MATRS serves as a unifying voice for the technical rescue community. Through continuous education, standardized training, and fostering interoperability among teams, MATRS strives to ensure the highest level of readiness and response. By promoting safety and advocating for policies that support technical rescue professionals, MATRS continues to be a beacon of excellence and collaboration in the field of emergency services.


MATRS is devoted to promoting excellence in technical rescue through a multifaceted mission. We prioritize enhancing service quality and advancing the skills of emergency responders. Our commitment extends beyond response proficiency to include shaping regulatory frameworks, advocating for the interests of our members, and spearheading initiatives for community education. In a united effort to safeguard lives, we foster collaboration and innovation within the technical rescue field, ensuring a progressive and prepared community ready to meet any challenge.

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