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Dive Committee


Goals of the Dive Committee


  • To provide a voice for the Rescue/Recovery Divers

  • To address issuses that are specific to Dive Rescue

  • To share developed dive training materials, drills, lesson plans, and presentations.

  • To support the MATRS goals:

    • To enhance professionalism and quality of services to the membership and persons and organizations charged with the emergency handling of technical rescue incidents, in their efforts to protect and ensure life safety.

    • To provide a unified voice of technical rescue incident response professonals in the formation of policies in regulatory negotiations and other issues in the technical rescue field.•

    • To provide a means for continuing education and training.

    • To provide a source for the general education of the public and other non-emergency agencies.

    • Said corporation is designed to promote safety, education and standardized technical rescue training throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    • Facilitate interoperability between technical rescue organizations and/or groups.

    • Enhance and promote the strategic goals for mobilization of technical rescue teams throughout the Commonwealth.


Dive Committee is a new project starting in FY16.  There are currentlly no members on this committee.  If you are interested in joining please email


Dive Committee:

Chair: Michael Lydon

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