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Goals of the EMS Committee


  • To work with OEMS and the different EMS Regional Offices.

  • To develop a Special Project Waiver for Technical Rescue EMS.

  • To develop training materials for the Special Project Waiver. 

  • To support the MATRS goals:

    • To enhance professionalism and quality of services to the membership and persons and organizations charged with the emergency handling of technical rescue incidents, in their efforts to protect and ensure life safety.

    • To provide a means for continuing education and training.

    • To provide a source for the general education of the public and other non-emergency agencies.

    • Said corporation is designed to promote safety, education and standardized technical rescue training throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    • Facilitate interoperability between technical rescue organizations and/or groups.


EMS Committee:

Nicholas Lambert - Chair - D7

Scott Dole - Essex County

John Garriepy - Western Mass

H. Peter Beauparlant MD - Essex County

Christopher Coleman - Bristol County

Jason Pierce - Norfolk County

Are there any Protocols that cover Technical Rescue?

OEMS has a lot of the Protocols that apply to Technical Rescue.  But there are no protocols specifically for Technical Rescue.

Why does MATRS feel there needs to be specific Technical Rescue Protocols for Pt treatment?

Technical Rescues provide some unique EMS challenges that are not commonly seen in other areas.  Some of these challenges include Harness Pathology/Suspension Trauma, Crush/Compression Injuries, and rescue/extrication operations that far exceed the "Golden Hour."  These injuries and scene times can result in metabolic injuries and imbalances such as rhabdomyolysis, hyperkalemia, and metabolic acidosis.  These require early recognition and treatment for the best long term outcome of the Pt.

What is MATRS plan for a Technical Rescue Protocol?

MATRS is forming an EMS Committee that will work on developing a Special Project Waiver for field treatment of rhabdomyolysis and hyperkalemia.  The EMS Committee will work with the Training Committee in the development of lesson plans and training materials for the Special Project Waiver once it is approved by OEMS.

Where can I learn more about the progress of the Special Project Waiver?

In the Members Area the EMS Committee will have a page to post the progress of the Special Project Waiver.


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