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Board of Directors

The organization's governance structure includes 15 Board of Director seats. Elections to fill these seats are held annually at the Spring Full Membership Meeting, with the full membership electing 8 members on even years and 7 members on odd years.


Those elected to the Board of Directors serve a two-year term beginning July 1st. Following this date, the Board of Directors convenes at the first board meeting to elect the Officers and Committees for the upcoming year.


It's important to note that all positions on the Board of Directors and Committees are held on a purely volunteer basis, highlighting the commitment and dedication of the members serving the organization.

President: Iain McGregor
Treasurer: Christopher Ebert
Board Member: Matt Belsito
Board Member: Jason Saunders
Board Member: Scott Jensen
Board Member: Mike Caddell
Board Member: Thomas Bower
Board Member: Connor Grenier
Board Member: Eric Pepper
Board Member: Daryl Springman
Board Member: Robert Manson
Board Member: Frank Rogier
Board Member: Eric DiRosario
Board Member: Michael Lydon
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