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Goals of the Newsletter Committee


  • To publish a Quarterly Newsletter

  • To write stories to keep the membership informed of any legal or political events that affect the techncial rescue teams in MA

  • To write stories to inform  members about recent rescue and trainings

  • To write stories to inform members about new equipment and rescue tecniques

  • To support the MATRS goals:

    • To provide a means for continuing education and training

    • To provide a source for the general education of the public and other non-emergency agencies.

    • Support and encourage the development and awareness of technical rescue response capability within the fire services of this state where they currently do not exist.

    • Said corporation is designed to promote safety, education and standardized technical rescue training throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


The Newsletter Committee is always looking for stories that concern the Technical Rescue Teams in MA.  If you have any story ideas or have written a story please email


If you are interested in Joining the Newsletter Committee please email:


Newsletter Committee:

Peter Jerusik - Chair - Western Mass

Mark McCabe - Norfolk

Nicholas Lambert - D7

Francis Clark - D14

First MATRS Newsletter


1st MATRS Newsletter will be out soon. Check back here for the current newsletter and an archive of back issues.

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